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Wheelchair user with family members in hotel lobby


Do you travel?

Do you want to travel?

On your own, with family or with friends?

There are all sorts of possibilities - you would like to accommodate a family member with a mobility problem - an older member of the family, or one recently ill, a child in a wheelchair  , someone who might be hearing or visually impaired. You have never had to think about accessibility before. 

We can help you plan so that you can have a stress free holiday. Let's face it family holidays can be stressful without added barriers.

Maybe you yourself have a mobility problem, you are independent but you are not sure about a strange place, but you want to take your partner to London or Paris for a holiday. You want to go to a nice dinner, see a show, see some of the sights. Simple things that every traveller would like to do.

We can help you with local information so that  you could just organise for what is possible to have a good time.

Information such as: how would you go about arranging such a holiday or a short break? Where would you go to find the right hotel to suit your needs? How would you get from A to B - taxi, bus, underground?

There is all sorts of information out there but how do you know what is reliable information before you have tried it? Being on holiday is not the time to do research (unless that is the purpose of your holiday).

We offer to take the hassle of the trial and error from you - we know the terrain, we know the transport system and we know where are the places to eat, sleep, drink and shop.

What do we get for helping you? An immense pleasure from helping you and we will need you to pay for the time we've spent with you to help organise your holiday.  By booking with us, we can also show the travel industry that building in inclusive design in their industry pays and we will all be able to enjoy holidays together, the young, the older, the disabled and non disabled.

We will be starting with 3 cities: London, Paris, and Strasbourg.